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What we do

We identify business opportunities and their risks, clarify their impact, and work to assist our Clients making insightful and  sharp decisions to succeed in today’s Asia Pacific environment. 

We are specialized in Market Entry in the APAC region, Distribution Networks, Joint Ventures, M&A  and other forms of Strategic Alliances.

Our team currently operates from Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines,  South Korea and specialized in Oil&Gas, Petrochemical, Energy,  Electric mobility, Food-service industrial sectors.  We are planning our direct presence in Australia and Japan.

We  offer  our  local  knowledge with a global approach to effectively assist  our Clients entering the Asian markets and achieve their growth goals.   Our ultimate objective is to ensure that our Clients reach  their  targeted  market  shares  and sales  turnover  in the selected Asian markets.

Asia Pacific Consulting

Our Services

  • Market Research & Business Intelligence
  • Product suitability assessment
  • Market Entry Strategy
  • Market Expansion Strategy
  • Go-to-market implementation
  • Partners and Distributors identification
  • Acquisition targets valuation

The Asia Pacific region offers substantial business opportunities for international companies. Market size and economic growth in the region are in continuous expansion.


However new entrants face an array of challenges, from accessing market data and identifying sales channels and distributors, to different legal systems and business cultures.


Asight Singapore mitigates these challenges to enable a smooth access to these markets, minimizing the risks while maximizing our client’s returns.  Our services as follows :

Market Research & Intelligence

Market information and data that are specific and validated to be of real use to decision makers requires on the ground 360-degree direct approach within the market. 

We gather information from employees of competitors, potential clients, distributors, agents, intermediaries, industry experts, industry associations, government officials and trade commissioners.

We carefully assess market size, regional and international competition, impact of transportation cost, weaknesses of competitors, analyse their products, sales trend, marketing strategies, pricing structure and the perks they offer.

Distribution Networks, Joint Ventures, M&A and other Strategic Alliances set up in Asia Pacific  

  • Partners identification and evaluation
  • Negotiation with potential business partners
  • Set up of meetings and introduction
  • Operational and Financial due diligence
  • Legal permits and administration
  • Joint Ventures set-up, M&A advisory
  • Post-merger integration

We offer the best support to our clients throughout the process of an acquisition or the formation of a joint venture.


Our experienced team has an extensive network in Asia Pacific and long experience in cross-border transactions.


We offer a hands-on approach with solutions enhanced by the use of data analytics and techniques specifically tailored to the Asian markets.


In addition to our knowledge in the region, we also have an extensive network of local companies seeking investment opportunities in the European and  US markets.  Our client portfolio covers specific industrial sectors and we work to pair foreigner companies with Asian's partners, facilitating their deals.


Thereafter the successful set-up, we offer to stay on board as a local resource to provide operational advice and support for a smooth transition.



Oil&Gas Petrochemical

There is a strong positive trend in the region for a clean energy production in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Power sector. Natural gas is dominating the local power generation as biomass, wind, and solar saw a rise in capacity. Oil & Gas and Petrocheomical sectors are seeking growth and we lead the  cleen energy transition.


Southeast Asia’s growth in electricity demand has been among the fastest in the world. There is a considerable potential for renewable energy, cogeneration with  use of solid biomass. Hydropower and use of bioenergy is  increasing  rapidly

Electric Mobilty

We firmly believes that innovative mobility solutions, such as electric and fuel-cell, have a key role in both private and public transportation, making our urban centres sustainable places to live. Through our network with South East Asian authorities we assist manufacturers to partnerships with key operators to offer solutions that include the supply, management and maintenance of the electric vehicles fleet.


Our Hotels, Resorts and Restaurant networking allow machineries & appliances manufacturing companies and the whole food service industry to improve their bottom line with excellent  business opportunities, to meet changing consumers  and industry demands.

The Team

The Team

For each industry we have a diverse and dedicated team of consultants with hands-on experience working across their specialty sector, including Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Energy,  Electric Mobility and  FoodService.

Our seasoned experts include managing directors, operation executives, project managers, and commercial directors natives to each industry, with problem-solving mindset and a passion for what they do. 

Asight Singapore staff have the cultural ability to look beyond shifting markets, the fluency in the local languages, the respect for people and the highest ethical behavior. 

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